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Wordless Wednesday – Well, Almost!!

What a lovely shade of turquoise! And just take a look at the tusk-shaped petals! Advertisements

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Inequality Thy Name is…Mother Nature

Imagining a world where women are physically as strong as men throws up some interesting perspectives into gender relations. Thinking about it one gets the feeling that the disparity in raw physical strength forms the core of gender inequality and … Continue reading

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Should You Always Mind Your Own Business?

In a comment on this post on IHM’s blog, GV asked all readers whether they would inform a girl’s parents if they come to know that the guy  that girl is set to ‘arranged-marry’ has been romantically involved with another … Continue reading

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Sari ? No,Sorry!

My recent absence from the blogosphere coincided with a couple of lip-smacking discussions on IHM’s blog. One regarded the definition of ‘vulgar’ while the other was about why the sari has been steadily losing favour with young women in India–both … Continue reading

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