Wordless Wednesday – Well, Almost!!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever !

What a lovely shade of turquoise! And just take a look at the tusk-shaped petals!

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5 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Well, Almost!!

  1. Was this at Lalbaag gardens, Bangalore?
    How come I never noticed all these years?
    It’s been several months since I last visited the place.
    Will look for it when I visit the place next.
    Nice picture.

    • Yes GV, I found this at the Lalbagh Gardens, Bangalore. I think it was a little ahead of the Bonsai section, in a pathway covered with a trellis supporting the vines of this plant in full bloom.. Isn’t it beautiful? I had never before seen a flower this colour. Bunches of flowers hung down from the runners overhead. My daughter thought they looked like small chandeliers 🙂
      You’ve never noticed these? Then I suppose they must be seasonal.
      I just loved Lalbagh 🙂

  2. Coincidence.
    Shail at shailsnest.com has posted a similar picture in her latest blog post.
    I am reproducing the comment I posted there.
    Its relevant here too.

    Great Picture.
    Can any man made factory, even in the most technologically advanced country produce this natural wonder with just a seed, soil, sunlight, water and air as raw material?
    Nature is simply awesome.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Scribby says:

    wow what plant/flower is this? it’s superb!

    • Don’t know the name, Scribby. I wonder if there is a website where they allow you to upload a pic of a flower and then let you know what plant/flower it is!!

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