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Being Pro-Choice In India

Writerzblock recently did a thought-provoking post on abortion, where she asked whether it was cruel or kind to abort a foetus with a congenital abnormality. Most commenters agreed that it was kind and not cruel to abort in such cases, … Continue reading

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All In The (Gentlemen’s) Game

  ¬† My husband has been reading the Barry Norman’s Book of Cricket. Now he knows I am far from being an avid follower of cricket–my interest in the game waxes and wanes with the performance of our national team, … Continue reading

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The Bookworm’s Tag

On Scribby’s blog¬† I found this absolutely irresistible tag which promised to be loads of fun. The idea is to finish the given sentences with the title of a book you have read. So here I go! In School I … Continue reading

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Taking Stock And Making Resolutions

Oops! This was meant to be the last post of the year gone by. Instead it gets to see the light of day in the new year. I hope this is not a sign of times to come!! For me … Continue reading

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