Taking Stock And Making Resolutions

Oops! This was meant to be the last post of the year gone by. Instead it gets to see the light of day in the new year. I hope this is not a sign of times to come!!

For me the high point of the year 2011 was that I started my own blog,  and boy, am I hooked!!

To be honest, this blog was intended to be a kind of personal journal, and I had hoped that the anonymity of a random username would allow me to be more vocal about my thoughts and ideas–but it quickly became obvious to me that it just does not come naturally to me to let my guard down even under an assumed username.  Not that it is a bad thing, but for better or worse it is a part of who I am and it probably does not make sense to fight it. So some self-realization here. It is amazing how blogging makes you aware of tiny, unknown facets of your inner self.

Now the original idea was to simply write about stuff that interested me, without bothering much about how many ‘views’ it got. For a while I did indeed not really care about the site stats. But I’ll admit that over time they  gradually began to matter a little–and I realized that blogging is basically about having an audience. It is definitely not like writing in your personal diary . What is the point of all that raving and ranting if it doesn’t get you any attention!

It even becomes a little like keeping up with the Joneses–what! this guy started only yesterday and has a zillion subscribers already? I must  pull up my socks and get my act together!!! 😉

Yesterday I saw that my almost five months old blog had totalled about 1040 visits–not really great going but probably not too bad for someone who doesn’t even publicize the posts on facebook.The reason I don’t publicize is that it will blow my cover and consequently make me more conscious, and that will be self-defeating. My brother is the only person, even in the family, who is aware of the existence of this blog!

Conventional wisdom says that the only ways to build a readership are publicizing on social networking media and to post as often as possible without compromising on quality. Since I don’t publicize, the only other option is to post more often. So far I have posted only as often as the muse visited–roughly thrice a month or once every ten days.

So here’s my blogging resolution for the new year–I will try to post at least once every week. Remember what they say about making realistic resolutions and setting achievable goals!

Now some of my other resolutions:

I will lose at least two kgs.(Now you know how realistic I can be.)

I will get back to work, no matter what.

I will learn to drive as well as my husband does.

I will also TRY to learn to ride a Honda Activa. Yes, I don’t know how to ride a scooty. *hangs head in shame, but pats herself on the back for being honest.*

On this very positive note, here’s wishing everyone who might stumble upon this page today or later a very happy new year 2012. May you prosper and find joy in whatever you do. May Lady Luck smile on all of you this year!

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9 Responses to Taking Stock And Making Resolutions

  1. R's Mom says:

    hahahah! Happy 2012 to you…

    loved your resolution of at least one post a week..so looking forward to it..I LOVE the way you write

    Whats wrong in not being able to drive an Activa…its okie na…no big deal..learn it slowly 🙂

    Driving a car, I dont think, I will ever be able to drive in Mumbai as well as RD 🙂

    Lose weight – Gah!

    though as usual, I may not agree to your final concept of blogging (You are the only one person, I seem to never agreeing to..dont kill me okie) I blog because I want to create a record of events in my life however stupidly mundane so that I can read it when I am old and tired of blogging….how long I will continue is something I dont know…but as long as I can…I would love to 🙂 the audience or the comments are just the extra cherry on the top 🙂

    as usual ending the comment with an apology if you thought I was rude 🙂

    • Rude? Are you joking RM? How can receiving a comment within 1 minute of posting be anything but very very sweet!! 🙂 You are most welcome to disagree with everything I write, as long as you keep commenting. :-))
      You know RM, I love the way you write too( Looks like we have joined a mutual admirers’ club hehe). It is fresh and breezy and always makes me smile. I can relate very well to the events in your life because my younger daughter is only a little younger than R. It gives me new insights into parenting in a fun way .I also admire the way you successfully juggle a career and mommyhood. And on top of that you also manage to post many times a week!!Take a bow!! I have much to learn from you 🙂

      • R's Mom says:

        hahahha! total mutual admiration society 🙂

        Glad to make you smile..and no I just write whatever comes to my mind so I really dont spend time doing research or anything like many other bloggers do….

  2. My era says:

    I could so relate to the issues you raised in this post 😀
    Ability to voice all you really feel and think is the real reason why I started my blog too and you are right, the stats do gently have a way of sneaking in our minds every now and then.
    I am with you on shedding weight resolution (though mine is a very unrealistic goal hence I am not writing about it on my blog.)
    O yeah, I too gotta buy an Activa by this year end, haven’t driven a two wheeler in ages (almost 6-7 years) so I almost there with you 😀
    Hope to see many more posts from you in the new year (for it feels good to read the blogs you enjoy reading 😀 :D)
    A very Happy 2012 to everyone at your end 🙂

  3. Happy new year.

    I quit making new year resolutions long ago.
    Even if I make them, I never announce them.
    Why look silly when you fail?

    Do learn driving as early as you can.
    It’s no big deal except that it needs some practice getting used to traffic.
    And yes, if you can, get back to work. My wife took a break from work when we had our daughter but I encouraged her to get back as soon as my daughter started attending school.

    I read your thoughts about blogging.

    I am not a blogger yet but have been keenly following the blogs of others.
    In case I ever take up blogging here are some thoughts that I would like to share.

    1)I wouldn’t bother about number of views and comments.
    It is a common affliction many bloggers suffer from.
    For some it becomes an obsession.

    2)I would write for my own pleasure and satisfaction, or not at all. I agree with R’s mom on this. If you get a large number or readers, it is a bonus.

    I would read what I have written and if I am not 100 percent satisfied, I would put it away for a day and return the next day to review it. I will not blog to a deadline. I won’t compel myself to post before a certain date or a certain hour. This is not a newspaper. No one is waiting with bated breath to read me.

    3)Frequency and length can be adjusted to suit other commitments( within limits of course).
    I feel that if one is going to be a “once in a blue moon” blogger, one may as well not start.
    I will not attempt being a daily blogger. My preferred frequency is twice a week going up to three times a week on occasion.
    If I am hard-pressed for time, I would write a short post, of perhaps just a few lines.
    I would not abscond from blogosphere for long periods without valid reasons (say sickness) or without notice to my readers.
    Out of sight, out of mind. That is a sure way to lose your readership.

    4)If I wanted to popularise my blog I would aim to do it with dignity, style and sophistication.
    I will not advertise it in a crude and obvious way.
    I would get more satisfaction when a visitor comes on his own, attracted by the contents than by some one who comes out of curiosity because I advertised it. I would also not encourage visitors who read my blog expecting that I too would read theirs in return. I hate this “mutual back-scratching” arrangement. I would read the blogs of others because they write well or because I am interested in the subject they write on, not because they read my blog. If they don’t read my blog, it won’t be an issue with me at all.

    5)I am put off by what I believe is a most crude and amateurish attempt to advertise a blog.
    This involves hopping from blog to blog, and posting short one word or one sentence comments (often without even reading the post) and signing off with the name of your blog site underneath. Any one can see through this game.I never visit those blogs even if some of them are good. There are some who actually come knocking on my door to peddle their blogs. They email me and practically plead with me to visit their blog site. I have obliged some of them but most of the time I ignore them.

    6)Instead I would visit as many blogs as I can and once I decide that a blog is worth reading, I would try to write a meaningful, relevant and helpful or encouraging comment. I would then leave it to them to be impressed by me and if I deserve it, they will check back on me on their own. That way I will get better quality readers, who will stay as readers. Incidentally, I came to your blog after reading your comments at IHM’s blog. Your comment on the blogs of others is the best advertisement of your writing abilities.

    7)Building up a readership takes time. I would be patient. If I don’t get readers, I would not worry.
    I am aware of some great blogs where there are hardly a dozen comments from a small band of loyal readers.
    I am aware of perfectly ordinary blogs that dish out popular gossip, discuss some sensational event, or make some outrageous statement on religion, or politics. They may invite scores of readers or comments but they are usually not worth reading. Check out a typical article in Rediff.com which lists several hundred comments and read some of them. You will quit in disgust. For a while I was reading the blog of a certain celebrity. I quit after I found it was not worth my time. He was better to watch on the screen. I also posted a comment the first time I visited him. It was perhaps the 100th comment on that post and it took considerable scrolling for me to locate my own comment the next time I visited his blog site. I am sure no one read it! I quit reading him after he started a slanging match with another film celebrity and started bad mouthing him on his blog in revenge for the other making some uncharitable comments about his acting abilities, in the press. No it was not Big B.

    8)Moderating comments or not moderating them is a decision that troubles most bloggers. There are advantages and disadvantages in either.
    If you can tolerate some hostile comment, or just plain rubbish or spam for a few hours before you notice and delete it, then avoid moderation. Readers love to see their comment appear immediately. Bloggers who moderate worry about the need to baby sit their blogs. If you dispense with moderation you can attend to other things. If you are “comment hungry” not moderating helps. Visit your blog occasionally and delete any rubbish you find. However once your blog gets noticed and becomes popular, one may be forced to moderate the blog. The rubbish and spam will exceed genuine feedback. It is a price to be paid for success.

    9)Blogging under one’s own name or blogging anonymously is another decision each individual must take. I agree that blogging under an assumed name has some advantages. You can be uninhibited. But a blogger who who writes under his own name is treated with more seriousness and starts off with an advantage over an anonymous blogger. Ultimately of course the quality of writing decides who will attract more readers. Personally I hate the idea of anonymity for myself. I will be open and transparent always. But I will respect the decision of others who may want to be anonymous. When I am looking out for a new blog to read, I give first preference to a blogger who is open and declares his identity. I don’t much care for the personal details but I definitely would prefer to know the gender, approximate age and profession at least of the blogger before I read him/her. Knowing this helps me to write a more meaningful comment and be careful about sensibilities. If an anonymous blogger has caught my attention, it is only due to the quality of the writing.

    That’s all for now. I have avoided becoming a blogger so far. But I am not sure about the future. I may take it up after my retirement which is looming ahead of me these days.

    Sorry for the length of this comment. I didn’t realise how much I had written. I got absorbed in it.


  4. Wow, thanks GV for this wonderful, wonderful comment. Why worry about readership as long as I have a single reader as good as you!

    I agree with all your points.

    If you ever start your own blog someday, I am sure it will be a runaway hit–you are already very popular in the blogosphere. Your comments have a way of brightening up the blogs where they appear. You have an amazing range of experiences, a keen eye for detail and a very lucid way of putting things .People would love to read more from you.

    Have a great year ahead full of cheer and good health.


  5. Scribby says:

    Nice practical resolutions there 🙂

    good luck for them 🙂 and a happy and healthy year 2012 to you!

    keep blogging 🙂

  6. Thanks Scribby, and a very happy new year to you too 🙂
    Welcome to this blog:-)

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