The Bookworm’s Tag

On Scribby’s blog  I found this absolutely irresistible tag which promised to be loads of fun. The idea is to finish the given sentences with the title of a book you have read. So here I go!

In School I was:  Alice in Wonderland
People Might be surprised I’m: The Mistress of Spices    

I will never be: The Godfather

My Fantasy job is: Interpreter of Maladies
At the end of a long day I need:(to) Eat,Pray,Love
I Hate It When: Nice Guys Finish Second  

Wish I Had: The Fountainhead
My Family Reunions Are: Family Matters
At A Party You’d Find Me With: The Romantics
I’ve Never Been To: The Village By the Sea
A Happy Day Includes: Man,Woman and Child
Motto I Live By: I’m OK You’re OK    

On My Bucket List:The Blue Umbrella  

In My Next Life, I Want To Be:The Alchemist

Such fun, trying to remember the names of the innumerable books read over all these years!!

Not that I had liked all of these books–I had found The Fountainhead overrated. The Romantics had Pankaj Mishra blatantly trying to please Western readers. The Village By the Sea had been part of our class 10th English syllabus, and our teacher made us learn the whole book up– paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter. It made us hate the book with a passion, although in retrospect, it wasn’t that bad. Doing this tag, however,  I was glad to have read them 😉

Take up this tag if you are a bookworm like me, and have a great time!

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8 Responses to The Bookworm’s Tag

  1. Good attempt!
    You remind me of what we used to do over 35 years ago.
    We composed short pieces, or songs, or dialogues using names of Hindi films, or the opening lines of songs.
    There weren’t too many too choose from those days.
    Today it’s a lot easier.

    • GV, I remember they had one such song in Ek Dooje Ke Liye, that blockbuster of yesteryears. The lyrics of the song were composed entirely of Hindi film names 🙂 As a little kid I would listen to that song with great interest!

  2. My era says:

    Wonderful…the last reply is the show-stealer 😀

  3. Scribby says:

    yay,loved your version ScriHa!!

  4. R's Mom says:

    Last one..superb 🙂

    Tricky tag na

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