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Where Women Must Always Be Shrinking Violets

I’ll begin by admitting that I used to think that the job of the chief of National Commission for Women is ridiculously easy for all the perks and pay it gets you. You jet-set across the country and out of … Continue reading

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The Merry Wives Of Windsor…Errr…Raja Reddy

The Times Of India is one newspaper which cannot be accused of having intellectual pretensions. It’s  Sunday supplement, in particular, is an exercise in banal celebrity worship. It’s a strategy that serves them very well, going by the number of … Continue reading

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The Making Of A Good Indian Son

A couple I know recently got their doctor son married to a good-looking, well-educated, ‘homely’, ‘traditional yet modern’  girl of their choice, and since then they have been pretty much on cloud nine–holding forth before all and sundry how, at … Continue reading

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The Award That Came With A Tag !

Okay people, so I got my firrrrrst blogging ‘award’, courtesy my dear blogger friend R’s Mom, who decided to confer upon me the title of ‘The Vesatile Blogger’. Yes, yes I know everyone in the blogosphere has received this award … Continue reading

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