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A Prize Is A Prize !

Yes, just like a rose is a rose and would smell as sweet with any other name, a prize is a prize and would be just as dear even if it has a few cracks!! This post of mine had … Continue reading

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Thus Spake The Prince Of Good Times

So Siddartha Mallya thinks that Zohal Habib, the woman who accused Royal Challengers player Luke Pomersbach of molesting her and physically assaulting her boyfriend, is not given to behaving like a good future wife. Why? Because she had been falling … Continue reading

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Nine Lives by William Dalrymple–A Review

Nine Lives: In Search Of The Sacred In Modern India by William Dalrymple is an account of the lives of nine apparently ordinary persons of extraordinary religious persuasion. It is a  fascinating book–part travelogue, part spiritual quest–which gives the reader … Continue reading

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When The Truth Is Spoken

I missed the first episode of Satyamev Jayate yesterday and was disconsolate because I could not find any repeat telecast in the television listings I had been poring over early this morning. I cheered up when I saw IHM’s post … Continue reading

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On Equality In The Classroom

It wasn’t the playschool teacher’s fault , really. She probably thought only banner waving firebrands would take exception to something so commonplace and so innocuous–and I may not have looked like the stereotypical activist to her. I was attending my … Continue reading

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