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Sati, Savitri and Sita : Role-Models For The Ideal Indian Woman- Part 1

There is no dearth of role-models for the Indian woman in Hindu mythology– it is, after all,  replete with instances of women who sacrificed/’were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their husbands. The names of Sati, Savitri … Continue reading

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In the Name of the Games

It is the Olympics season, so how about me treating you to my stray thoughts and observations on the games? Of course you are more than welcome to return the favour in the comments section 😉 1. I watched quite … Continue reading

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Physician , Heal Thyself

As children, we all think of our doctors as nothing short of magicians. You’re down with fever and feeling terrible, you gulp down that strawberry flavored medicine your doctor gave you and lo and behold, the fever’s gone and you … Continue reading

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