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Role Model # 3 : Sita And The Idea Of Virtuosity

That Sita should be so widely held to be the embodiment of ideal Indian womanhood baffled me no end as a child. For the life of me I could not fathom what was so ennobling about ending up a destitute … Continue reading

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Role Model # 2–Savitri

One often finds Savitri mentioned in the same breath as Sati. Savitri apparently comes fairly close to Sati in terms of ideal-ness.¬† She did not quite come to the point of sacrificing her life for her husband as did Sati … Continue reading

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When The Snow Melts: A Review

Okay, so finally the wonderful people at Blogadda¬† sent me a book to review. ‘When The Snow Melts’ is a thriller by Vinod Joseph, a Mumbai based corporate lawyer. This is the first time I have read something in this … Continue reading

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