Day 7: The Sound of Music

They say music transcends barriers and borders. There was a time when the Algerian singer Khaled was all the rage amongst Indian youngsters  although nobody could honestly claim to have understood a word of his songs. The Hindi song “Awara Hoon’ is said to have been very popular amongst Russians during the fifties.

Hindi songs, in fact, have grown in their popularity overseas by leaps and bounds, thanks partly to the ever-expanding diaspora and partly to the completely Western flavour they have come to acquire of late.

But this case of music transcending borders appears to be true only for popular music. Proponents of classical Indian music sometimes have rather impolite things to say about Western music–popular or otherwise. Similarly, likers of western music dismiss Indian classicals as being slow, maudlin, pathos-laden and without a head or a tail. Clearly, it is more than possible for what is music to one person to be noise for another 🙂

Truth be told, classical music is an acquired taste. Few people are born liking it. It requires patience to understand and appreciate the nuances. My brother and I used to make a lot of fun of these classical singers wondering if their mouths didn’t ache from keeping them open for hours on end 😛 I developed a fondness for  classical music only around the time they began to show this beautiful video on Indian classical music and dances on Doordarshan, and then again when a really good music teacher joined our school to teach us Classical music.

I remember little of what we were taught but my fondness for classical, particularly light classical, music endures. It uplifts, it soothes and it brings such joy. I find all Hindi film songs with a classical base delightful. I also love all songs with folk-music elements. Not that I don’t enjoy fast, peppy numbers. I do!!

So what is your kind of music?

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10 Responses to Day 7: The Sound of Music

  1. My kind of music:
    1)Carnatic Classical (Both vocal and instrumental)
    2)Hindusthani Instrumental
    3)Indian Film songs (any language) from OLD films only (pre 1960) with a classical base or really melodic with minimum “orchestra noise”.
    I don’t care for Western pop music at all. I might listen to Western Classical but since I don’t understand it much, I am unable to fully appreciate it.
    It’s not just music that divides people.
    Food habits also show a wide range of tastes.
    And so do sports and hobbies.

    Congratulations for completing a week.
    Will come back tomorrow for Day 8

    • My exposure to Carnatic music is limited which is why I am unable to appreciate it fully.
      I also do not understand Western classical much but do like Western pop music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.
      Thank you for reading these posts, GVji 🙂

  2. Well said, classical music IS an acquired taste. Blessed are those who have a career in music!

  3. R's Mom says:

    I love classical music though I dont understand it too much. I prefer carnatic music to hindustani..dont ask me why :):)

    I love folk songs a lot. I love the beats of peppy numbers but the lyrics are horrific!

    • No, I won’t ask you why, because I totally understand 🙂 People everywhere like better the music they grow up listening to.
      Yes terrible lyrics, but all is forgiven if they manage to make you get up and dance 🙂

  4. Fem says:

    I like old Hindi songs, and I think folk music of any kind is always enjoyable. I can’t say I really enjoy classical music per se, but I enjoy listening to instrumental music sometimes.

    In Western music, I like to hear jazz and hip hop, but mostly the music of 30s and 40s. I also enjoy soft rock sometimes.

    What I don’t like is a large list, but here’s a clue: ‘music’ that’s more noise than melody. I prefer melodious music these days. I hate Indian wedding music, for more reasons than one.

    • LOL, yes, the shehnai totally grates on my nerves too–can’t stand it one bit. Also. I have a love-hate relationship with many old songs whose music part I like but whose lyrics so put me off –for instance those songs that dwell a little too much on the beloved’s shyness!!!

  5. Bingo says:

    My liking is limited only to movie songs 😦 and recently rhymes 😀
    I like soft melodies with super nice lyrics.

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