Day 10: Movies: Art or Masala?

Hmm. How about art with a little masala ? As in, a movie with a good plot– with some good music thrown in? I think this is as good an opportunity as any to do an ‘A to Z’ post of my all-time favourite Hindi Movies πŸ™‚

Here we go!

A. Arth–One of those very few movies where Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil appeared together. Needless to say, both put in sterling performances, although the movie really belonged to Azmi. The movie is also known for some outstanding songs penned by Kaifi Azmi and sung by Jagjit Singh.

B. Bandini–A Bimal Roy classic that I can watch again and again–for Nutan’s beautiful performance as well as the soul-stirring music.

C. Chak De India– ShahRukh Khan’s best performance in his entire career. This movie takes on issues like parochialism, gender-discrimination andΒ  communalism without lecturing and without making a mess of it all. I have blogged about it here.

D. Dil Chahta Hai–An iconic coming-of-age buddy-movie. Music by Shankar-Ehsaan -Loy takes it to another level altogether.

E. Ek Doctor ki Maut–Saw this little-known movie a long, long time back on Doordarshan and it remains one of my favourite movies. Starring Pankaj Kapoor and Shabana Azmi, this is the story of a doctor dedicated to research-work, and how a system built on mediocrity resents this and hounds him into wilderness.

E. Another E, please! 1947 Earth, featuring Aamir Khan and Nandita Das and set in Lahore at the time of partition. Based on Bapsi Sidhwa’s The Ice-candy Man, this is an excellent film by Deepa Mehta. A R Rehman’s music is brilliant as usual.

F. Ouch, cannot remember a single F movie that I liked! All I can think of is Forrest Gump, but I want to stick to Hindi movies here! Will add later if I remember…

G. Golmaal–I mean the old one, starring Amol Palekar and Utpal Dutt. Everybody loves Golmaal because everybody loves a good laugh πŸ™‚

H. Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. –This is the story of six newlywed couples who are going to Goa on a bus. Very interesting and entertaining.

I. Iqbal–Produced and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, this is the only Hindi movie I’ve seen where a disability is not reduced to a caricature.Β  Starring Naseeruddin Shah and Shreyas Talpade

J. Junoon–Another all-time favourite. Produced by Shashi Kapoor, directed by Shyam Benegal, the storyline is based on Ruskin Bond’s novella A Flight of Pigeons, and is set around the the 1857 mutiny. Cast includes Shashi Kapoor, Jennifer Kendall, Nafisa Ali, Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah. It also has this little-known but beautiful song by Asha Bhosle that I like.

K. Katha–A retelling of the story of the proverbial hare and the tortoise, produced and directed by Sai Paranjpe, who has an amazing eye for detail, and whose films leave you feeling warm and happy . Starring Farouque Shaikh, Deepti Naval and Naseeruddin Shah.

K. Allow me another K, please :-)–this one is Basu Chatterji’s Khatta Meetha. This film is hilarious and heartwarming. It also has this wonderful song thoda hai, thode ki zaroorat hai, zindagi phir bhi badi khoobsoorat hai--isn’t that true for all of us!

L. Don’t seem to have any favourite L movie!

M. Mr.& Mrs. Iyer–This movie is actually in English, but it is not at all out of place here. A lovely movie by Aparna Sen with a stunning debut by her immensely talented daughter Konkona Sen Sharma.

Phew! Too many movies!Β  I leave this at M today–will complete the list in another post.

How many of these movies have you seen? Did you like them too?

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11 Responses to Day 10: Movies: Art or Masala?

  1. Bingo says:

    I have watched 4 movies out of these.
    F – Fanaa?? and L – Lagaan???

  2. chattywren says:

    Haven’t seen a few from this list, will try to watch them! Fiza comes to mind, but I don’t remember seeing it. And Lamhe?

  3. I saw 100 movies between Oct 2012 and April 2013 when I was here (in California) on the occasion of my grandson’s birth last year.
    I am here again since Sept 2013 and will be here till March 2014.
    During this second stint, I have already seen 69 movies, usually one a day, and sometimes even two.
    Nearly all of them are Old English Classics from the 1930s, 1940s 1950s and 1960s.
    Many are all available on NetFlix. We have an account with Netflix and after the baby goes to sleep after dinner, I sit down to relax, and when I am not reading or commenting on blogs, or checking my emails, I log into Netflix or and watch these (mostly black and white) classics.
    I assure you that in spite of technical handicaps, they made great movies those days.
    With simple black and white photography, and not much action, they could still make great movies that kept you riveted to your seat.
    Great acting, direction, and a good story and powerful dialogues make up for lack of modern technological camera gimmicks and trick photography.
    Courtroom dramas, murder mysteries, family drama, comedies, westerns, war movies, you name it, you can find it in this treasure trove of old movies.
    I am compiling a list of all the movies I watched here in California.
    The score is 169 as on date. I am heading for a double century and will notch it up before I return to Bangalore in March.

    Let’s see your list from N to Z

    • 169 is a formidable number of movies. You will easily surpass a double century!
      It would be a good idea to compile a list of all these movies.
      The N to Z list is “work in progress” πŸ™‚

  4. Jas says:

    I love Arth too πŸ™‚ and Dil chahta hai πŸ™‚ waiting for the next list.

  5. Dil Chahta Hai music was Shankal-Loy-Ehsaan!

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