Day 12: Wonder of Wonders

While waiting in queue in front of a billing counter at a store or while waiting for a train at a railway platform, or inside a train or plane for that matter, there is one thing I do instinctively whenever I spot a family with kids–check out whether a child resembles his father or mother. Does she have her father’s eyes, and doesn’t he have his mom’s smile? And look, that girl over there doesn’t just have her mom’s curls–she even has her dimples!

Sometimes a kid resembles a parent so much, it is almost uncanny–and it fascinates me. Inspite of having studied a good amount of Genetics in college–or perhaps because of it– this carryover of traits from one generation to the other causes me much wonderment. I mean, really, how come a chain of molecules is able to store such precise information as the colour of eyes, the shape of eyebrows and even the shape of toes and toenails, and ensures that the information is not just passed on but expressed too! I have also noticed that it is difficult to spot a resemblance to oneself. I am told my younger daughter looks a lot like me (which of course delights me, all parents tend to be pleased when told that their child takes after them) but to my eyes, the resemblance, if any, is pretty vague.

My brother once told me that he knows all there is to know about the mechanics of anΒ  aeroplane –he is an engineer by training–but he is still awestruck everytime a plane takes off and is airborne. How is a behemoth of a machine weighing thousands of kgs able to fly at all?

I asked my elder daughter what amazes her, astonishes her, awes her the most in this world. At first she hemmed and hawed and joked (why does an apple fall to the ground? why doesn’t it grow wings and fly to the moon?) but eventually she obliged and told me about two things. One, the value of a currency note. It is only paper, a piece of printed paper–how come it assumes a specific value just by virtue of the number printed on it? How does a thousand rupee note become ten times as valuable as a hundred rupee one, when both are probably worth not more than a few paise in ‘real’ terms?

And the other one. Why do some seriously loaded people take so much care to save a few bucks? I was about to launch into a lecture on the need to save to become loaded in the long run, and how it becomes a habit with some etc etc, but checked myself in time.

It struck me that both her ‘wonders’ were related to money. Does that mean something? πŸ™‚

What is it you wonder about the most?

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12 Responses to Day 12: Wonder of Wonders

  1. chattywren says:

    Very interesting post! One of the things I wonder about is motivation levels of people towards a particular task and objective, and how they sustain it in the face of challenges and roadblocks. How do people deal with failure? How people esp. quizzers etc remember and recall facts and trivia and recall them in a giffy. More profound, how long is a mountain in the making?

  2. I share my wife’s wonder.
    She wonders, why I spend so much time reading “diaries” of strange women whom I don’t know and who I am never likely to ever meet!
    I wonder too.

    • LOL on the diaries of strange women πŸ˜€
      You can tell her THIS particular strange woman just might invite herself over to meet you if you’re in town when she next visits Bangalore πŸ˜€

  3. My greatest wonder/awe is always related to our ancestors having lived their life the way they lived! Every single act has a significance be it scientific, cultural or mere fun!
    On a lighter note, almost after every satisfying meal, me and my hubby start aah-ing and ooh-ing about how our ancestors came about inventing pickles, appalams, snacks, sweets and the various traditional dishes πŸ˜›

  4. simple girl says:

    I wonder about the second point that your daughter said .. It is so true..

  5. R's Mom says:

    Your daughter is a very smart cookie πŸ™‚

    I have this doubt as well..when people say R looks like RD but her eyes are like mine…I dont think there is any resemblance to either of us πŸ™‚

  6. Bingo says:

    Your daughter is very smart. I liked her questions.

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