Day 14: Why I Blog

I blog because I love being able to crystallize my ideas and feelings into words. It is exhilarating to see a blog-post finally take shape after much editing and rewriting. It feels like an accomplishment and it makes me happy.

I blog because I love the kick that I get when I finally hit publish after I manage to finish a post. Under normal circumstances (normal as in when I am not doing a blogathon ;-)),  it is not very often that I hit publish–once a week is the best I have ever managed. This is due both to my perfectionism, wherein my drafts just have to see a certain amount of pruning and retouching until they look good enough to my eyes, and my habit of procrastination, which ensures that some drafts keep lying around for days and sometimes weeks before I get myself to open them.

And then like many bloggers I too have experienced the blogger’s block, or the ‘muse’ doing a vanishing act, so that one is simply unable to mould a post to one’s satisfaction–I suppose it may be likened to sports-persons  losing ‘form’. It feels like a small victory when you’re able to get over the slump. On that note, I so admire bloggers who post frequently without losing form.

Blogging is not easy. It is tough to keep up to the standards you set for yourself . It is challenging–which is why it is such a joy to keep a blog going.

In addition, the written word is so much more liberating than the spoken word. You get more time to formulate your sentences when you write, so you get the satisfaction of expressing your thoughts more precisely and lucidly–and in my case with less inhibition as well. As a person I am an introvert. I don’t talk a lot–I much prefer to listen. It’s rare for me to get into a heated discussion vocally, but it is fairly common for me to get into long-drawn debates with people on facebook, for instance.

Having to type out your responses makes you shed your inhibitions a little, I think. In that sense, the written word is cathartic –and by extension, so is blogging.

But the best part of the blogging experience is that you get to interact with your readers who come to read you. A comment or a ‘like’ is a token of appreciation which is always valuable. It is humbling to be honoured with a reader’s time and effort. The comments also provide an insight into how the others perceive whatever you have written about–it can be enlightening.

I like to think of a blog as a magnet–over time it is sure to attract some like-minded people. Some magnets are strong and attract more, some not so much– but they’re all magnets nonetheless 🙂 It is good to have your own little magnet. Only in the blogosphere do you find so many like-minded people–it is one of the perks of being a part of the blogging world.

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11 Responses to Day 14: Why I Blog

  1. Glad to read this post and I fully understand why you like blogging.
    I am happy to have found a blog I can keep visiting.

    Yours and IHM’s (and a few more you don’t know) are some of the blogs I happened to like and decided to keep in my reading list. Of course I don’t say they are the best. I am not competent to judge that. All I can say is that I like to read some blogs, more than others and yours is one I like.

    I did try my hand at blogging about 5 years ago but gave up after I found there were hardly any readers. In a whole year, after a couple of dozen posts, I could find just five persons willing to read some of them and and their comments were hardly encouraging. Some inane single or two word comments like “Nice”, “Good one” were all that I could attract. I guess these were from some polite well wishers who did not want to hurt me and were merely “marking their attendance” on my blog site. Sometimes I wondered whether they read my post at all. Slowly even their visits became rare and finally disappeared altogether.

    I then asked myself if I should keep at it. Why was I wanting to write a blog post and expecting that among the hundreds of thousands of blog posts floating all over cyber space any one would want to read mine only unless I was a celebrity or I was really an outstanding writer and it showed in my writings. I now content myself with an occasional post and I have a few blogger friends who have agreed to host some of my occasional writings on their blog sites as guest posts. So I now ride piggy back on other bloggers when the urge occasionally get’s too strong.

    My own close family and circle of real life friends were brutally honest with me and said I was welcome to blog as much as I wanted as long as I did not inflict my writings on them and expect them to read and comment on them. Some of them specifically forbade me from sending them links to my posts after I had taken the liberty! My wife, daughter and son have clearly told me that they were least interested in knowing about my on-line life and contacts and have also asked me to stay clear of theirs! I don’t have a facebook account but even if I had, I guess they would not accept a friend’s request from me. I won’t embarrass them by asking! I can understand why. The generation gap shows. A man is a hero to his wife only during the courtship years. A man is a hero to his children only when they are innocent little kids. As regards online interactions, I now get along better with total strangers in web space where the generation gap has proved less of an issue.

    Like you, I too love to put my thoughts down in writing and my failure in being a blogger has not kept me down. While you indulge yourself by blogging, ever since I gathered a reading list of some good blogs (including yours and IHM’s) I have found that my hunger for self expression is fully satisfied by commenting on a large number of posts both in English and Hindi. I get more eye balls for my comments (with counter comments from them) than I ever got for my old blog posts. Commenting is of course not the same as blogging. You don’t get to choose the subject, but that is something I can live with. Once the subject of a blog post attracts me, there is no holding me back. My fingers itch and I plunge headlong into a long comment, often longer than the original blog post. When you are a commenter, your canvas is as wide as your circle of blog friends and their range of subjects. You get exposed to a large network of people. I keep receiving invitations from all sorts of strangers to add my name on Google Plus. These are people who have been reading my comments and I presume this is their way to get me to visit their blog site. I can’t oblige them. My reading plate is full and I can’t take any more.

    I am also a member of a few yahoo groups and I post regularly and have interacted with total strangers in a healthy way. I joined a few on line forums and participate in the various threads and often chip in with my views on the subjects being discussed. My hunger for self expression is thus satisfied.

    Keep blogging away, all of you. Reading a few good blog posts is part of my daily mental diet. If you people don’t write then I will have to start again!



    • Sir,
      Just a word. If you had quit blogging for lack of readership, have a look at my blog 🙂 I cannot boast of readership either but its definitely something we can do for our own joy. And I have myself experienced happiness in finding a blog accidentally and I usually end up reading all the old posts.
      And not to ignore readership, that is one reason why I participate in a Blogathon like this.
      Though it is a personal choice, I have never revealed my blog to any of my relatives. My husband knows it but he rarely takes a look.
      Am sure I don’t have the age or experience to comment but please do not stop writing for lack of readership. I am sure, it will increase over time.

    • GVji, I am truly honoured that you like my blog. Your comments are always an absolute delight to read. They make my day. You write so well. Even when you disagree, you do it with so much grace and restraint, it is instructive.
      I wish you’d start blogging again. You are so well-known and popular amongst IHM’s readers, you’ll easily have a couple of hundred followers within a month of starting 🙂

  2. chattywren says:

    Loved your post, I couldn’t have expressed myself half so well, I too don’t get into longdrawn arguments with people. But prefer to express through my blog. Liked the idea about blogs being magnets too! Good luck with blogging!

  3. R's Mom says:

    And you blog because you are awesome with words 🙂

  4. Deeps says:

    And I’m so glad you blog! Your reasons could so very well be mine! Loved what you wrote.

  5. simplegirl says:

    loved your post.. you have expressed it beautifully.. and the thrill of hitting the publish button is so cool…

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