Day 25: This and That

— So the AAP’s dream-run has already hit a huge speed-breaker–in the form of Kejriwal’s ill-considered dharna over police jurisdiction which not only inconvenienced the Aam Aadmi and earned their ire, but also failed to achieve what it had hoped to do. That, along with the Somnath Bharti episode, attracted reams of bad press and substantially dampened the sense of delirious euphoria and enthusiasm that had swept the country. It was kind of inevitable anyway, given AAP’s dizzying ascent.

The issues in themselves were relatively minor, but they did serve to showcase AAP’s inexperience and lack of cohesion. They are beginning to look like they have no idea what to do with the power they have won.  Such a pity, because I so wanted AAP to work! Now I can only hope they can get their act together and put up a halfway decent show.

–Roger Federer lost to Rafael Nadal yesterday in the semi-finals of the Australian Open, and I am heartbroken. This was the closest Federer had come to a grand slam victory in a long time. His fans, including me, got hopeful when his bete-noire on clay Novak Djokovic crashed out of the tournament. Federer’s other rival Nadal, whom he was to meet in the sem-finals, was known to be struggling with a blistered palm. Well, what did we know. Nadal walloped Federer in straight sets.

Nadal looks set to equal Sampras’s fourteen grand slam opens record. Will he also equal  Federer’s world record of seventeen ? Time will tell. He has age by his side–he is only twenty-seven. He just might do it.

Dedh Ishqiya has been getting rave reviews. The songs certainly sound very good. Let me see if I can catch a dekko tomorrow. If I can, well, you will be treated to a film review one of these days, haha.

–A lady in my building( an inspiring person in her own right, maybe I should blog about her someday) had often told me that her younger daughter worked with Jet Airways. I had  assumed that she would be an air-hostess. Yesterday I met the lady in the elevator along with her daughter who was in navy blue trousers, light blue shirt, heavy belt, maroon tie, a pilot’s ID card and a cap with insignia! Wow!!

” Oh, you’re a pilot! I am so happy to be talking to a woman who flies planes!” I gushed. Mother and daughter beamed. May their tribe increase.

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6 Responses to Day 25: This and That

  1. Point by point comments:

    1) I am a little concerned about this AAP phenomenon.
    I wish people like Kejriwal JOINED mainstream parties in large numbers and cleaned them up from within. I am more comfortable with a Congress or BJP minus the evils they are known for. There are good people in these parties, both parties have some constructive agenda and some good policies.
    If only the criminal elements can be weeded out, corruption, controlled if not eliminated and dynastic tendencies and and communal politics removed, we could have a great two party system like they have in the USA.

    2) Tennis/Boxing/Chess and other non-team sports have all one thing in common. A Lion is chosen from among them and this Lion rules till he is unseated by the next lion. The cycle repeats. Federer’s time has come. It is Nadal now. Tomorrow it will be someone else.

    3) Dedh Isqiya is running here in the Indian theatres. I will wait and see it in India. 12 dollars for a single ticket is too much for any movie. Besides, when the spouse accompanies me, it becomes 24 dollars and I will have to explain all the Urdu words to her. Add the cost of pop corn and coffee it will come to a minimum of 30 to 35 dollars expenditure before we return home. 2000 Rupees? I am not spending that much for just a single evening out. The middle class Indian in me refuses to adjust to US society. Converting all costs in dollars to Indian currency, which I have been repeatedly advised not to do, is too strong a habit at my age. It is foolish to spend on anything non essential in dollars when you have earned all your life in Rupees. I envy those who spend their lives earning in dollars and then come back to India to spend in rupees. My daughter volunteered to buy the tickets to persuade me to have an evening out. I told her I would much rather spend the money buying knick knacks to take back and gift them away in India than on a movie. There are some so called “Dollar Stores: here where everything costs just a dollar. You mostly see junk on the shelves that the shops want to somehow dispose of, but you also see some useful stuff lying unsold and gathering dust. If you look around you can get full value for each dollar you spend.
    The internet fulfills s all my entertainment needs here free of cost.

    4) A young attractive Indian lady (looking no older than 20) reported as a nanny at our Indian neighbour’s house here in California to take care of their baby. I am doing a similar (unpaid) job for my little grandson here and I see this lady everyday and soon we got talking. She is a Gujarati girl. I assumed she was one of those numerous Gujarati/Punjabi women who somehow manage to get a green card after being sponsored by their more educated and better employed relatives and spend their time doing these kinds of jobs. I was surprised to learn that she is a graduate engineer! Electronics to boot!

    Just six more days! You are approaching your blogathon finish line. Hang on!

    • Guess what!
      I wrote my comment this Saturday orenoon.
      This afternoon my wife and I went to the local theatre and saw Dedh Ishqiya!

      My daughter poohed poohed my objections, bought the tickets and packed us off for a break from our daily routine. My wife joined her in evincing interest in the movie. It was 2 against one. Democracy won.

      The money could have been better spent. You are not going to like this comment, but I don’t mind.

      The movie left me cold. I was unable to enjoy it.May be its my age! I could not make head or tail of the plot.

      Who was a genuine Nawab, who was not? Was Muniya (Huma Qureshi) in love with Babban (Arshad Warsi) or not? Was Madhuri in love with Naseeruddin or not? Who was that gangster who appears in only the opening and closing scenes and gives a choice on how to die and tosses a coin? What does he have to do with the story?

      I like a story to be related in a simple and chronological sequence. I like to read from A to Z. If it is a flashback, let it be clear and I can live with it. Let Z come first followed by A to Y. But some of these modern directors hop and skip. From A to Q to J and then to M and so on and expect us the ordinary movie goer to follow what’s happening and rethread everything in our mind in the proper sequence. I don’t have much patience with movies like this.

      You will like this movie if
      1)You are a North Indian.
      2)You fancy Urdu language, Urdu shaayaries and Urdu dialogues.
      3)You love to hear stories of grand Nawabs and Muslim aristocracy
      4)You are a Madhuri Dixit fan.
      5)You love to feast your eyes on some real eye candy (Huma Qureshi)

      Compare that with how I stand
      1) No, I am a south Indian
      2)I don’t fancy Urdu, I know very little of it
      3)I prefer ancient Hindu Mythologicals
      4) While I rate Madhuri highly, I am not a fan of hers.
      5) I am too old now for eye candy!

      I could not understand the climax at all. Let me now see if I can search the internet and find out what it was all about it.

      Never mind my negative statements. Something tells me you might enjoy it.
      Go ahead and see it.

      • Hmm. Something tells me I should give the movie a miss for now, and wait for it to come on TV. If I don’t like it I can switch it off 🙂

      • I later read about the movie at various web sites to understand what I could not while watching it in the movie hall.
        Many writers have commented on Lesbian overtones in the movie and how sensitively and aesthetically it is handled.
        Strange. How come I could see no evidence of it?
        Frankly, I don’t know how to look for the signs! Nothing was obvious to me and, since I didn’t know earlier about this Lesbian thingy, I never looked for it.

        Anyway, this movie seems to be a favourite with film critics.
        But most average movie goers have been like me, unimpressed.
        My prediction is that it will do well for a few weeks and then vanish from the theatres and later, like art films, be talked about but not watched.

    • Yes, approaching the finishing line. Running out of ideas too, though I suppose I will hang on somehow. I cannot give up now !!

      • Finding a subject to write one is your problem!
        I have no such handicap!
        You write, I comment.
        By the way this is my first experience of a “commentathon”.
        After Jan 31st, i am going to take a well earned rest from commenting.,

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