Day 31: On Finishing The Blogathon

Yay!Β  Somebody who did all of twelve posts last year managed to do thirty-one posts in one month! Woohoo! Who would have thought! πŸ™‚

Congratulations to everyone who participated in and successfully finished the blogathon and thank you Maya and R’s Mom for hosting it.

When I committed to do this blogathon, I thought I would just give it a try, take it one day at a time and keep doing it as long as I could. I seriously didn’t see myself finishing this. But the mood was set after the first few posts–I knew I just had to stick around till the end!

A few thoughts on the blogathon:

–The reason why I did this blogathon was to give my near-dormant blog a shot in the arm–and to a large extent that did happen. The zooming stats were exhilarating– and what fun to see that orange button on the title-bar of my account glowing every morning!! Blogathons are certainly good for the health of your blog πŸ™‚

–Prompts, even though optional, do help. They help you focus your thoughts. No less than twenty of my posts, including some that I thought turned out the best,Β  were in response to prompts. Some of them were topics that I would never have written about otherwise–last book read in the mother-tongue, for instance! Speaking of which, I loved this beautiful post by simple girl on the topic.

–Having to post daily keeps you in a state of perpetual high-alert–carefully observing the world around you, looking everywhere for inspiration and a topic to post on! One finds that there is a post lurking in every nook and corner –you only have to look closely enough. One also needs toΒ  fine-tune one’s strings to be inΒ  more in resonance with the outside world. It is a different kind of experience for sure.

— I came to write more about myself this one month than I had in the two years five months I had been blogging, and it felt like the most natural thing to do! It has also been a welcome exercise in introspection.

–I also tried to keep up–with limited success, since there were too many of them–with what other participants were writing . I loved this post by Chattywren on how the new year is ushered in in Belgium and this hilarious post by R’s Mom on those Tambram Mamas (her words, not mine) πŸ˜€

— I cannot thank GVji enough for commenting on every single of my blogathon posts. And such wonderful comments too!!Β  Thank you, GVji. It is an honour to have you commenting on my posts. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me.

–Much as I enjoyed doing it, I am also relieved that I no longer need to post daily. I suspect many of my readers would be relieved too πŸ˜‰ I promise not to inflict any more blogathons on you–not this year, certainly!

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16 Responses to Day 31: On Finishing The Blogathon

  1. chattywren says:

    Lol, I too am feeling relief it is nearly over, I still have to write my post for today! But I did find it consuming, happy to take a break. I really admire those bloggers who can write everyday, that’s something. Thanks for linking my post.

  2. Congratulations!
    I am glad you finished the blogathon without faltering.
    I am also glad to have played the role of a cheerleader !
    This is my first” commentathon” and I enjoyed it as much as you did.
    If time permitted I would have loved to follow some more blogathons but my household duties and chores do not permit that luxury. The little fellow I am baby sitting for 12 hours a day rushes to my lap each time he sees me with the laptop and insists on having a go at the keyboard and howls if he is denied the privilege.
    Some of his random taps on the keyboard caused my laptop to hang and I had to reboot and redcently I lost a long comment on another blog which I had not saved.
    I am able to concentrate only when he is sleeping or otherwise busy with his toys or my wife is taking care of him.

    By the way, I have just posted one more comment on your posting on the Argo-Raga interview.
    Some one sent me the best tweets on the subject and I thought of sharing them with you.

    Congratulations once again. Now enjoy your well earned rest.
    But don’t rest too much. I hope you will blog regularly. Twice a week is my recommended frequency if you can manage it. More is better if you can manage it but do not ever make it less than once a week,

    All the best to you

    • Thank you, GVji, for the awesome commentathon and for cheering me on:-)
      Kids are fascinated with laptops and their keyboards. Those delicate keys are no match for the enthusiastic banging they are subjected to by our little fellows.. My brother complains that his laptop is forever missing one key or the other πŸ™‚

  3. simple girl says:

    Omg.. I am so happy you liked that book review so much.. Thanks a lot.. I cannot stop grinning..
    Anyways congratulations to all of us for the challenge won.. and I do not mind if you inflict more blogathons .. πŸ™‚

  4. I didn’t know who had started this blogathon.
    This morning I followed your link and had a look at the complete list of Blogathon participants at Maya’s blog.
    I was thrilled to note there were so many eager participants.
    It is too late now and the accumulated list of all the 31 postings during the month from all these bloggers is too much for any one to read after it is all over.
    I would love to have read at least some of them, provided I had been tipped off at the beginning of the month.
    Except for R’s Mom and Ashwathy, whose names I am familiar with and whose blogs I have read in the past, all the others are new to me.
    Please convey my congratulations to all who completed this blogathon.
    Thanks to Maya and R’s Mom, I now have a fresh list of good blogs to read and follow when I have the time.
    I may not post comments on these blogs because I am not sure if my presence will be welcome.
    I have to consider my gender and age and accept the fact my presence may cause some embarrassment to some of them, if I post comments uninvited.
    I have experienced this with a couple of bloggers in the past, who gave me the impression that they did not prefer to have me on their reading list, and one particular blogger actually blocked all my comments on three successive posts I had commented on. I am sure this happened because my identity is open for all to see. If I had used an anonymous handle, these comments would have appeared but I don’t believe in anonymity and will not have it.

    I sadly accepted the situation and determined not to invade these blogs and post unsolicited comments unless I was specifically invited to do so by the blogger.
    I feel perfectly at home at your blog and that of IHM and a few others who you may not know.

    Once again, let me congratulate you and state that I look forward to your resuming your postings after you have earned your well earned rest.
    I convey my best wishes to you and all your fellow bloggers tho participated in this blogathon.
    If R’s mom is reading this, let her know that, following the link here, I enjoyed her post on the Tambram Mama! It is too late now to post a comment on her blog. Let me assure her that I am a different type of Tambram Mama, and do not conform to this stereotype. I wonder if she read a hilarious article on the Tambram Maami posted by Prasad Kaushik on January 8. I don’t have the link to share but I will copy and paste the article on her blog site after posting this comment and if she notices and reads it, I am sure she will find it enjoyable.


    • Haha, we all know you are a different type of Tambram Mama and do not conform to the stereotype πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading that article on Tambram Maamis on RM’s blog πŸ™‚

  5. I copied and pasted the article on Tambram Maami’s in the comments section of the blog post on Tambram Mamas at R’s Mom blog on Friday evening here in California. It may appear as the 48th and last comment but it has not appeared as yet till Saturday Morning here (Saturday evening in India). May be it is still under moderation.

    Do check later and read it if it appears. I am sure you will enjoy it even if some of the Tamil words are not understood by you. It is very well written and I recognize several close relatives who conform to that stereotype of the Tambram Maami. Even my wife is a bit of each stereotype described there though she wont admit it! In particular she comes close to the “Visa Maami” described in that article.

    For convenience here is the link


    • Saw the maami article just now on RM’s blog–hilarious indeed!

      // Why did you hide behind the car and pretend you didn’t see me when I saw you smoking last Monday? What were you carrying in black plastic bags I saw you hauling near the TASMAC shop last night?//LOL!!

      Versions of centum maamis, mother-of-black-sheep maamis, interrogation maamis, temple-run maamis and google maamis are quite common amongst my relatives too πŸ˜‰

  6. Congratulations Scribblehappy! So happy for you πŸ™‚

  7. R's Mom says:

    @GV-ji…you are most welcome on my blog..its fun to read your comments..and I find it weird that people actually blocked your weird is that..the point of blogging is to interact..if people find comments not welcome, they shouldnt blog wonly na..

    loved that article you pasted as a comment on the blog..will approve it soon πŸ™‚

    and LOL on you not being a Tambram mama like the one I described :):)

    @Scribble Happy..we did it we did it we did it yayayayyayayay! *does a little jig*

  8. aarthy says:

    I missed this event 😦 I am sure you all had loads of fun doing this πŸ™‚
    I want to take part in a blogathon some day. Do let me know if any of them come up in the near future.

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