Hello Hello Hello

Anybody’s in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?

(Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd)
Hello people. Much water has flowed under the bridge since I last posted. I have been away from my blog so long that I half feared I had forgotten the password to it. I was relieved to find that I had not.

Where have I been and what have I been doing ? Ah, long story, but since you ask… 😉

Early last year, I found myself a job as academic editor(the work involved editing research papers for grammar and making sure they conformed to specific international journal style manuals, hence the adjective “academic”). I loved my job thoroughly–it was demanding but interesting and challenging. Too bad I had to quit sooner than I would have wanted to, owing to my husband’s transfer to Hong Kong.

We moved to HK in September, and the first few months went by in a blur of househunting, furniture-shopping, and the usual rigmarole of setting up a house from scratch.

I am totally loving life in HK (more on HK in future posts)–now if only I could get a job here too! Unfortunately, out here most jobs similar to the one I had in Mumbai require the applicant to have a working knowledge of Putonghua, the local Cantonese dialect. It is probably their way of promoting their language. Too bad for me!

It’s good to be back at my blog though.

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4 Responses to Hello Hello Hello

  1. I hear you!
    I am in California now baby-sitting my 2 1/2 half year old grandson.
    He is keeping us (wife and I) on our toes.

    Will be back in Bangalore in August.
    Most of my favourite bloggers have been taking it easy and that includes you!
    Glad to have you back.
    You can count on me as one of your loyal readers and commenters.
    I failed in my blogging attempts and could attract no readers.
    I am now a tweeter! It’s so much easier.
    I mostly respond to others’ tweets.
    Follow me @GVishvanaath

    I look forward to reading about your experiences in Hong Kong.
    Waiting for your next post

  2. Arch says:

    Helloo, you were missed 🙂 welcome back!

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