Welcome,visitor, to my tiny space in the virtual world. I am flattered that you should like my ramblings enough to want to know more about this blog. Here goes–this blog presents me with the opportunity to sort out my random thoughts which , for the most part, lie around my head in a jumbled confusion. I do not want to restrict myself by committing to write only on this or that topic, but I do have a feeling that I am going to write mostly on gender issues in the Indian context, which is something I feel very strongly about.


9 Responses to About

  1. Interesting blog you have here. Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  2. Great posts! Also love your comments on IHM’s blog:)

  3. Scribblehappy, are on you on Facebook? Would like to connect with you ….

  4. Read few of your posts randomly and am glad that I found your blog. Your words project you as a well read, responsible woman. Did I mention you write beautifully? Never mind, am not finding the right words to say it 🙂 Do drop in to read my scribblings!

  5. Sumana Kasturi says:

    Dear Scribble Happy,

    I am a doctoral student of media studies and my research interest is on blogs written by Indian women and the community they build through these blogs. I am interested particularly in your posts related to gender issues in India. Would you be willing to answer a few questions I have regarding your blogging motivation and process? I would really appreciate it if you would be able to do so. Do let me know via email so I can give you more details. Regards,
    Sumana Kasturi

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