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On Abortion

Sometime back Gounder Brownie did a post on abortion, in which she raised a lot of interesting questions on the ethical side of it. It’s certainly a dicey topic and one that is difficult to be completely objective about . … Continue reading

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How Some Dented and Painted Women Ushered in The New Year

In Delhi, hundreds of proudly dented and painted women , with quite a few male supporters, participated in the ‘Take Back The night’ night walk in the last hours of 2012 and early hours of 2013.  Shuddhabrata Sengupta of Kafila … Continue reading

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No One Killed Savita

Ever since I read about the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, my mind keeps going back to the circumstances which led to the snuffing out of another innocent life whose only fault was that she was female, with a uterus … Continue reading

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The Very Chains That Bind Them

Sometime in the late nineties, when I was in college, there was this funny Bollywood song with a punchline that went,”It happens only in India!” A rather silly song really but it has stayed with me all these years.  There … Continue reading

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Where Women Must Always Be Shrinking Violets

I’ll begin by admitting that I used to think that the job of the chief of National Commission for Women is ridiculously easy for all the perks and pay it gets you. You jet-set across the country and out of … Continue reading

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Being Pro-Choice In India

Writerzblock recently did a thought-provoking post on abortion, where she asked whether it was cruel or kind to abort a foetus with a congenital abnormality. Most commenters agreed that it was kind and not cruel to abort in such cases, … Continue reading

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Inequality Thy Name is…Mother Nature

Imagining a world where women are physically as strong as men throws up some interesting perspectives into gender relations. Thinking about it one gets the feeling that the disparity in raw physical strength forms the core of gender inequality and … Continue reading

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