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On Leslee Udwin’s documentary

Now that the furore over it has abated somewhat, some stray thoughts on India’s Daughter, the documentary on Nirbhaya made by Leslee Udwin for the BBC: 1. First things first–the title of the documentary was ill-considered and frivolous. The Delhi gangrape … Continue reading

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“Who Amongst Us Has Not Followed A Girl!”

I wasn’t surprised so much by this challenge that Sharad Yadav, MP, threw to his colleagues in the parliament–after all, he has never really seen the need to be even seen as politically correct on issues related to women. He … Continue reading

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The Very Chains That Bind Them

Sometime in the late nineties, when I was in college, there was this funny Bollywood song with a punchline that went,”It happens only in India!” A rather silly song really but it has stayed with me all these years.  There … Continue reading

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Role Model # 3 : Sita And The Idea Of Virtuosity

That Sita should be so widely held to be the embodiment of ideal Indian womanhood baffled me no end as a child. For the life of me I could not fathom what was so ennobling about ending up a destitute … Continue reading

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Role Model # 2–Savitri

One often finds Savitri mentioned in the same breath as Sati. Savitri apparently comes fairly close to Sati in terms of ideal-ness.  She did not quite come to the point of sacrificing her life for her husband as did Sati … Continue reading

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No Dowry For Our Daughters

There’s this TV program called ‘Your Money’ on CNBC 18 which I sometimes watch. It has viewers  calling in to seek help regarding financial planning, tax problems, investment options etc. It is remarkable how similar the financial goals of most … Continue reading

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The Unkindness Of It All

We don’t just have the moral police in India. We have the culture police too. The moral and culture police work in tandem–each benefits greatly from the work of the other. For instance , the moral police ensure that women … Continue reading

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